Viewing Host Details

Click the Host Details link to view the details of the Managed Server and also the details of the hosts from which the selected Managed Server is currently collecting event logs.


The Host Details link also lists the ports on which the selected Managed Server is listening for event logs. The Managed Server table lists the following details of the selected Managed Server: Name, Host, Status, Host Name/IP Address, and Listening Ports. By default, Listening Ports 513 and 514 is added.



Any newly added syslog port will be displayed under Listening Ports only after a couple of minutes.


The Hosts Details table lists all the hosts from which event logs are being collected.


Field/Icon Description
Unix icon or Windows icon or Cisco icon or Router icon or Router icon or Router icon or IBM AS/400 This icon tells you whether this host is Linux/ Windows/ Cisco Routers / Switches.
The host name of the machine from which event logs are collected
The host group under which the host is grouped
The IP Address of the host
The status of log collection from this host. Hover over each icon to see the current status.
Provides the time at which the next scan is scheduled. This is set while adding the host in the respective Managed Server, where the field Monitor Interval in minutes decides the next schedule of the scan, the default being 10 minutes.
Displays the last time at which the host sent an event log to the server.



Click on any host to view the event summary for that host.



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