Managed Server Settings

Click the Managed Server Settings link under the Settings tab. The Manage Managed Servers page opens up. The tabular list contains individual and select all Managed servers check boxes.


Delete Managed Servers

Select required Managed server(s) or select all Managed servers to delete. Click the Delete Collector Delete Managed Server(s) link on top left side of the page. The selected Managed server(s) will be deleted.


Managed Server Details
Managed Server Name Name of the Managed server. Edit user details Edit user details icon. Use the icon to update the admin username and password whenever any changes are made in the Managed Server.
Managed Server Status Status of the Managed server, whether Up Up or Down Down
Last Collection Time The time of last log collection by the respective server.
Data Collection Status If the log collection is on the Enable status icon appears and if the log collection is not happening then the Disable status icon appears with appropriate error message.
No of Host/Applications Number of Host/Applications being monitored by the corresponding Managed server.
Flow rate (messages/sec) Number of log messages received per second by the Managed Server

Use the Enable option to change Data Collection status.

Stop/Up - Stops the data collection/Starts the data collection

Reset - Resets the data collection and starts collecting data from scratch


Edit user details


Click the Edit user details Edit user details icon. The Edit user details window pops up.

Change the User Name, Password, Web Protocol, and Web Port as per requirement.

Once you have made the required changes, click Save to save the changes. Click Cancel to cancel the user detail changes.



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