Viewing Report Schedules


Once you have created a custom report profile in the Managed Server, you can set up schedules to run the report automatically at specified time intervals. You can also configure EventLog Analyzer to automatically email the report once it runs.


note Scheduled reports are generated and emailed in PDF or CSV formats


Managed Server : combo box lists all the Managed servers registered with this Admin server. Select the Managed server as per your requirement.


Click the Schedule Listing link under the Settings tab to see the list of reports that have been scheduled so far. The list shows all the schedules that have been set up so far, along with the report profile they are associated with, the type of schedule, and options to delete the schedule.


Click the Delete icon to delete a schedule. The report profile associated with this schedule will no longer be generated automatically at the specified time interval.


The Enable icon against a schedule is a toggle icon used to enable or disable a schedule. When the Enable icon is displayed, the schedule is enabled, and reports will be generated automatically for that schedule. Click the Enable icon to disable the schedule. The Disabled icon is displayed indicating that the schedule is currently disabled. Reports will not be generated automatically for this schedule.



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