Object Access Auditing

Most administrators face the challenge of not knowing, in real-time, what is actually happening to their system/server fi­les and folders – who accessed them, deleted them, edited them, moved them, where the fi­les and folders went, and myriad other activities. Object access auditing using ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer can help administrators meet this challenge head-on.

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EventLog Analyzer Simplifies Object Access Auditing

Using EventLog Analyzer you can collect all your object access audit logs at a centralized location and manage them more effectively. EventLog Analyzer provides object access reports in user friendly formats (PDF and CSV) and sends real-time alerts, via SMS or email, whenever your sensitive fi­les / folders are accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Get precise information about object access: Which user performed the action? What was the result of the action? Which server or IT resource was accessed? Which user workstation or network resource was used?

Download Solution Brief: Object Access Auditing Simplified with EventLog Analyzer

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