EventLog Analyzer

"When we have many event log numbers, it takes a while to find out which one needs emergency response. EventLog Analyzer displays everything in an easily viewable dashboard, including error warnings, so our response was streamlined including precautionary measures"

Satoshi Kinugawa,
Senior Manager / Head of Infrastructure Team,
System Development Division
Benefit One Inc.

Mitigate Threats by Monitoring your Logs in Real-time

Monitoring logs is considered as the most important aspect by every enterprise when planning on their network security strategy. Your network infrastructure - devices, systems and applications generate huge amounts of logs every day. These logs need to be monitored and analyzed in real-time to protect critical data and systems from threats.

EventLog Analyzer helps network administrators to automate the entire process of log management - collecting, analyzing, searching, reporting, alerting and archiving from one central location thereby allowing you to identify network anomalies and threats in real-time.

EventLog Analyzer boosts network security by:

  • Monitoring applications, databases, network devices, security devices, servers, workstations, etc.
  • Monitoring privileged users and auditing object access – Files and Folders in real-time!
  • Alerting you in real-time directly via Email, SMS or instant re-mediation through custom script or program execution.
  • Predicting usage and performance of your network devices, applications and systems in the form of trend reports
  • Conducting log forensics analysis

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