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    Log Collection Failure Alerts

    You can configure EventLog Analyzer to generate alerts when a device is down.

    Device Down

    To configure alerts to notify users about devices not sending logs,

    • In the Settings tab, navigate to Admin SettingsLog Collection Failure Alerts Device Down Alert.
    • If the alert is not enabled by default, click the toggle button to enable it.
    • Select the device(s) or device group(s) for which alerts are to be generated when the device goes down.

    • Select the time interval (minutes, hours, days) at which you want to be notified via email.

    • In the Subject box, enter the subject of the email that will be sent to users.

    • In the Email Address box, enter the email IDs of users to whom the alert emails should be sent.

    • Click Submit to complete configuring log collection failure alerts.

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