Product Settings

To modify the display of information in the user interface and other functions, EventLog Analyzer permits you to customise the parameter for easy and convenient display.


ELA Configurations 
To access EventLog Analyzer configuration, use the following menu option:


How to configure EventLog Analyzer settings?

EventLog Analyzer Configuration

Sl No


Default Values



View Per Page


Select the number of devices to be displayed in the pages of user interface. The value options available are, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200.


Direct Export Report Limit


Set the maximum number of records to be included in a directly exported report.


Rows in Top N Reports


Set the number of rows to be displayed for reports under Top N Reports section.


Custom Report Record Limit


Set the maximum number of records to be included in a Scheduled Custom Report.


Compliance Report Record Limit


Set the maximum number of records to be included in a Scheduled Compliance Report.


Report Time Out

25 mins

Set the maximum time allowed to generate a report.


Attach Report As

ZIP Report

Select the report format to be attached in Email. The available options are, PDF/CSV Report and ZIP Report.


Daily Mail Limit


Set the maximum permissible number of emails that can be sent per day. Enable or disable mail limit alert by selecting the Enable/Disable Mail Limit Alert check box. There could be a mail server or client limitation for sending the emails.


Daily SMS Limit


Set the maximum permissible number of SMS messages to be sent per day. The telecom service provider often sets a limit to the number of SMS which can be sent per day.


Date and Time Format

yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

Set the format of date and time that needs to be displayed throughout the product. Other than the few predefined formats available, you can also create formats of your own. There are a few rules to be followed while creating your own date and time format:

  • The permitted separators are hyphen(-), slash (/), full stop(.), colon(:), comma(,), and space.
  • A space is the only separator that can be used between the date and the time.
  • There should not be any separators at the beginning or at the end.
  • Two continuous separators are not allowed.
  • Entering two digits for the month will display the month in numbers, whereas entering three digits will display it in words. Ex. 'MM' will display June as 06 and 'MMM' will display it as Jun.


Alert Mail Format


Select whether the alert emails are sent in HTML or plaintext format.


Reporting Mode

Send Email

Configure whether you want to save the reports in a folder in the machine or send them as mail attachments or both. For Save To and Send Mail & Save To Folder options, you have to enter the location to save the reports, in the text box besides the option combo box. The reporting mode options available are, Send Mail, Save To Folder, and Send Mail & Save To Folder.


Historic Log Collection


Configure whether the logs generated prior to configuration of a device need to be collected by the product.


Allow Correlation for

All users

Configure the types of users who can access the correlation feature of the product. You can choose to grant or deny access to users who are admins, operators, or guests.


Database Query Access


Configure whether access to the product's database is allowed or denied. The product's database can be queried to access product data stored in it.


Use the Save button to complete the EventLog Analyzer configuration settings.

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