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    Manage Profiles

    With EventLog Analyzer, you can centrally view and manage the configured alert profiles.


    In the manage profiles tab, you can enable, disable, export and import alert profiles. You can also enable or disable correlation based alert profiles.

    Correlation based alert profiles and Profile based alert profiles will be in two separate tab as shown in the image above.

    Import Alert Profiles


    Alert profiles can be imported or exported by clicking on the Import option. Once you select an option, you will get the message below.


    Select the file from which you wish to import the alert profiles by clicking on Browse.

    In case an imported alert profile is similar to an existing alert profile, you will get the message below. To overwrite an existing profile with an imported profile, select the required profile and click on Import.


    Export alert profiles


    To export alert profiles, select the required alert profiles and click on Export.

    Note: Default alert profiles cannot be exported.

    Filtering alert profiles


    To filter alert profiles based on the number of alerts raised, click on the number of alerts under the No. of Alerts column.

    Showing and select the required category.

    To configure notifications for the alert:

    To configure notifications for the alert, click on configure. You will be directed to the edit alerts page. You could set the notification type there.

    Delete Alert profiles

    To delete an alert profile, select an alert profile and click on the delete option. A pop-up like the one shown below will appear. Click on yes to proceed.


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