General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Reports

Enterprises located in the EU or handling EU citizens' personal data, will need to comply with the General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR came into effect on May 25, 2018. This compliance mandate governs the security of personal data at all its various stages—at rest, in use, and in transit. It also outlines that enterprises must get explicit consent before collecting individuals' personal data and insists that enterprises deploy technical measures to:


EventLog Analyzer can help enterprises meet the GDPR's data security requirements with its reporting and search features. With predefined GDPR report templates, EventLog Analyzer helps security administrators and data protection officers audit all activities happening in systems that store personal data and changes to the personal data itself. It can also help your enterprise submit review reports to supervisory authorities.



ARTICLE 5(1B,1F), 32(1D) - Object Access

ARTICLE 5 (1B,1F) - Logon

ARTICLE 5 (1B,1F) - Policy Changes

ARTICLE 5 (1B,1F) - Account Logon

ARTICLE 5 (1B,1F) - User Access

ARTICLE 32(1B) - Account Management

ARTICLE 5(1D,1F),32(1B,1D) - MSSQL DDL Changes

ARTICLE 5(1D,1F),32(1B,1D)- MSSQL DML Changes

ARTICLE 5(1B,1F) 32(1D) - MSSQL Security Changes

ARTICLE 5(1F),32(1D) - MSSQL Account Changes

ARTICLE 5(1D,1F),32(1B,1D) - ORACLE DDL Changes

ARTICLE 5(1D,1F),32(1B,1D) - ORACLE DML Changes

ARTICLE 5(1B,1F) 32(1D) - ORACLE Security Changes

ARTICLE 5(1F),32(1D) - ORACLE Account Changes

ARTICLE 5(1D,1F),32(1B,1D) - Printer Auditing

ARTICLE 32(1D,2) - Firewall Reports

ARTICLE 5(1D,1F),32(1B,1D) - MySQL Logon Reports

ARTICLE 5(1D,1F),32(1B,1D) - MySQL General Statements Reports

ARTICLE 5(1D,1F),32(1B,1D) - MySQL Database Administrative Statements Report

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