Code of Connection (CoCo) Compliance Reports

The Code of Connection (CoCo) is a compliance policy for information technology (IT) framed using ISO 27001 as reference. Only by meeting all the prescribed requirements can networks connect to the public services networks (PSN). The PSN is a network operated by several suppliers for the England and Wales government that provides a trusted, reliable, and cost-effective solution to departments, agencies, local authorities, and other bodies that work in the public sector and need to share information between themselves.


HIPAA Compliance Report


CoCo compliance reports

EventLog Analyzer provides the below reports to comply with the various sections of the CoCo regulations:


Section 2 - Oracle security changes

Section 2 - IIS Web Server Error Reports

Section 2 - IIS FTP Server Reports

Section 2 - SQLServer Auditing Account Changes Report

Section 2 - Unix user account management

Section 2 - Unix failed logon reports

Section 1.D - Windows Threats Detection From Antivirus

Section 1.B - Windows program inventory

Section 1.B - Windows application crashes

Section 1.A - Windows system events

Section 1.C - Windows Firewall auditing

Section 3 - Windows Threat Detection

Section 1.D - Malwarebytes Reports

Section 3 - FireEye Malware Object Events Reports

Section 1.B - Symantec Reports

Section 2 - VMWare System Events Reports

Section 1.A - Nessus Vulnerability Reports

Section 1.B - Qualys Vulnerability Reports

Section 1.D - Nexpose Vulnerability Reports


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