FERPA Compliance

FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was drafted to protect the confidentiality of student educational records. It applies to all schools and educational agencies which receive federal funding. The Act gives students the right to view their education records, raise requests for corrections, and prevent the release of personal information. Education records may be viewed only by certain parties defined in the Act. Educational institutes must adopt controls to prevent unauthorized access; these controls may be physical, technological, or administrative. The reports in this section form a sound technological basis to show that your confidential data is protected from unauthorized accesses or attacks.

FERPA compliance report

Section 99.31 (a)(1)(ii)

SQL Server DDL Auditing Report

SQL Server DML Auditing Report

SQL Server Account Management

SQL Server Server Auditing Reports

SQL Server Security Reports

SQL Server Violation Reports

SQL Server Advanced Auditing Report

SQL Server Permission Denied Report

Oracle DDL Changes

Oracle DML Changes

Oracle Account Management Reports

Oracle Server Auditing Reports

Oracle Security Reports

MySQL Logon Events

MySQL General Statements

Printer Auditing

Windows Removable Disk Auditing

Unix Removable Disk Auditing

IIS Web Server Error Reports

IIS Web Server Attack Reports

Apache Web Server Error Reports

Apache Web Server Attack Reports

Symantec DLP Reports

Unix FTP Server

IIS FTP Server

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