Philippines Data Privacy Act (PDPA)

The Philippines Data Privacy Act (PDPA) seeks to protect all forms of information- private, personal, or sensitive. This law applies to organizations that use equipment located in the Philippines and those that maintain an office, branch, or agency in the Philippines even if the organization was not founded or established there.

EventLog Analyzer helps you comply with the "Data Privacy and Security" section of rule VI. Security measures for the protection of personal data of the PDPA act which requires organizations to implement reasonable and appropriate organizational, physical, and technical security measures for the protection of personal data.

The tool also helps in complying with the "Responsibility of Heads of Agencies" section of rule VII. Security of sensitive personal information in the Government which states, "All sensitive personal information maintained by the government, its agencies, and instrumentalities shall be secured, as far as practicable, with the use of the most appropriate standard recognized by the information and communications technology industry, subject to these rules and other issuances of the commission."


The following reports in EventLog Analyzer help in complying with rule V1 and rule VIIof the Data Privacy Act to ensure security of personal data:

EventLog Analyzer provides out-of-the-box audit reports for network devices such as:

Below are important audit reports that help you track security events of interest.

Object Access:


Account Logon:

User Access:

MSSQL DDL Changes:

MSSQL DML Changes:

MSSQL DML Changes:




PRINTER Auditing:

Wireless Network Reports:

Removable Disk Auditing:

Symantec DLP Reports:

MySQL Logon Events:

MySQL General Statements:

MySQL Database Administrative Statements:

DB2 DDL Auditing Reports:

DB2 DML Auditing Reports:

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