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    Device Group Management

    Device groups allow you to perform initial configuration for multiple devices simultaneously with the help of configuration templates, schedule maintenance and downtime for multiple devices, suppress events on multiple devices, etc.

    How to add a device group?

    You can add a new device group using the following menu option:

    • Settings tab → Admin Settings → Device Groups → +Add Group
    1. Enter a unique name for the device group to be added.
    2. Write a description for the device group.
    3. Click on the + Add Device(s) button to add devices to this device group, and select the devices by clicking on the respective check box(es). Click OK to complete adding the required devices.
    4. Click the Add button to create the device group with the devices listed.

    How to edit a device group?

    On the table row of a specific device group, Update icon is available to edit the selected device group. Here, you can edit the Group Name, Description, and Device List

    How to delete a device group?

    On the table row of a specific device group, the Delete icon will delete the selected device group.

    Device Groups

    In the Device Groups table, all the device groups added to EventLog Analyzer are displayed with description and number of devices.

    By clicking on the number under the Number of Devices link, you can view all the devices present in the device group.

    The More Options drop down menu allows you to:

    • Change Monitor Interval
    • Update Credentials

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