Import Logs

EventLog Analyzer gives you the option to import any flat log files and provides predefined reports for Windows (EVTX format) devices, syslog devices, applications, and archived files.


How to import log files? 

Refer the Import log file topic to import the logs.

Imported Log Files

In the Imported Log Files page, all the logs imported to EventLog Analyzer for monitoring are displayed. This is the default page that appears when the import log option is selected. This page provides details of the imported log file including:



SAP ERP Audit Logs

To add the SAP ERP application for monitoring, the audit logs have to be enabled.

To enable the SAP ERP audit logs:

To the DEFAULT.PFL file in the location <SAP_installed path>\sys\profile, add

Note: The user should have permission to read this audit file while importing. 


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