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    Configuring the Syslog Service on Cisco Switches

    1. Login to the switch.
    2. Go to the config mode.
    3. Configure the switch as below (here, we have used Catalyst 2900) to send the logs to the EventLog Analyzer server:

      <Catalyst2900># config terminal

      <Catalyst2900>(config)# logging <ela_server_IP>

      For the latest catalyst switches

      Catalyst6500(config)# set logging <ela_server_IP>

      We can also configure logging facility and trap notifications with the below commands:

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      Catalyst6500(config)# logging facility local7

      Catalyst6500(config)# logging trap notifications

    Note: The same commands are also applicable for Cisco Routers.
    Please refer Cisco® documentation for detailed steps on configuring the Syslog service in the respective routers or switches. Contact if the Syslog format of your Cisco devices are different from the standard syslog format supported by EventLog Analyzer.

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