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    Configuring the Syslog Service on WatchGuard devices

    To configure the Syslog service in your WatchGuard devices, follow the steps below:

    1. Login to the WatchGuard device as an administrator.
    2. Navigate to System> Logging> Syslog.
    3. Enable the Send log messages to the syslog server at this IP address checkbox.
    4. Type the EventLog Analyzer server's IP address in the box provided for IP address.
    5. Select 514 in the box provided for Port.
    6. Select Syslog from the Log Format drop-down list.
    7. If you want to include date and time in the log message details, enable the Time stamp checkbox.
    8. If you want to add serial numbers in log message details, enable Serial number of the device checkbox.
    9. Select a syslog facility for each type of log message in the Syslog settings section drop-down list.
      • For high-priority syslog messages, such as alarms, select Local0.
      • To assign priorities for other types of log messages select Local1 - Local7.
      • To not send details for a message type, select NONE.
      • Note: Lower numbers have greater priority.
    10. Click SAVE

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