EventLog Analyzer Distributed Edition - Managed Server

An enterprise spread across geographically would find it difficult to manage device logs from different branch office locations. To simplify this task, EventLog Analyzer has the Distributed Edition.


What is EventLog Analyzer Distributed Edition?


EventLog Analyzer Distributed Edition is a distributed setup of EventLog Analyzer. It consists of one admin server and one or more managed servers. The managed servers are installed at different geographical locations (one per LAN environment) and connected to the admin server. This allows network administrators to access the details of the devices at different remote locations in a central place. All the reports, alerts, and other device information can be accessed through a single console.

Administrators of large enterprises with various branch locations throughout the globe stand to benefit with this edition. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) can monitor the managed server installed at different locations from one point.


EventLog Analyzer Distributed Edition addresses requirements like the following:


To install the Distributed edition of EventLog Analyzer, you will have to install the Standard edition first and then convert each installation to an admin or managed server.

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