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CheckPoint reports

EventLog Analyzer supports CheckPoint Firewall and provides out-of-box reports for:

  • CheckPoint Events: Information on all events on CheckPoint devices.
  • Firewall Allowed and Denied Traffic: Insights on traffic based on source, destination, protocol and port, also provides a report on traffic trends.
  • Successful and Failed Logons: Insights on successful and failed logons categorized based on the user, the source, and the general trend.
  • Firewall Accounts Management: Reports on user and user group added or deleted.
  • Configuration: Reports on configuration changes, interface status and executed commands.
  • Firewall IDS/IPS Events: Insights on attacks based on source and destination IP address and attack trends.
  • System Events: Reports on system shutdowns and clock updates.
  • Device Severity: Emergency, alerts, critical, error, warning, and notice events.

CheckPoint reports dashboard

CheckPoint reports
  • Go to the Reports section. Select CheckPoint from the displayed list of vendors.
  • In the left panel, all the available out-of-the-box reports for CheckPoint will be listed. Select the report you want to view.
  • Click Select Device and choose the CheckPoint devices for which you need the reports. Click Add.
  • CheckPoint reports
  • You can set filter criteria for events based on Source, Severity, Device and Message. Use logical operators as required.
  • CheckPoint reports
  • Select the Period for which you want the data to be displayed and click Apply.
  • CheckPoint reports
  • The graphs can be viewed in different formats.
  • CheckPoint reports
  • To quickly export the report in view, click Export as and choose the format. Once done, you can download the report.
  • CheckPoint reports
  • Click Schedule to have this report exported and emailed periodically.
  • CheckPoint reports
  • Click More for further customization options.
    1. Set as Default, to set this report as the default for CheckPoint reports.
    2. Add to Favorites, to mark this report as favorite.
    3. Pin to dashboard, to pin this report to the main dashboard in the Home page.
    CheckPoint reports

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