Reports for Applications

Application Reports


Terminal Server Gateway Logons


Terminal Server Gateway Communications


Terminal Server Gateway Top Reports


DHCP Windows Based Server Reports


DHCP Linux Based Server Reports


IIS FTP Server Reports


IIS Web Server Top Reports


IIS Web Server Error Reports


IIS Web Server Attack Reports


Apache Web Server Error Reports


Apache Web Server Top Reports


Apache Web Server Attack Reports


SQL Server Advanced Auditing Reports

Note: When a password is changed or the login information is altered for users or user groups, the Logins Informations Report displays the details about their login information.


SQL Server DDL Auditing Reports


SQL Server DML Auditing Reports


SQL Server Auditing Account Management


SQL Server Auditing Server Reports


SQL Server Security Reports


SQL Server DBCC Informations Reports


SQL Server Host Activity Reports


SQL Server Integrity Reports


SQL Server Permissions Denied Reports


SQL Server Violation Reports


SNMP Trap Type Reports


SNMP Severity Reports


Oracle Auditing Reports


Oracle Auditing Account Management


Oracle Auditing Server Reports


Oracle Security Reports


MySQL Logon Events


MySQL General Statements


MySQL Database Administrative Statements


MySQL Server Events


Printer Auditing

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