Schedule Reports

EventLog Analyzer has a report scheduling feature that allows you to schedule reports to be exported automatically at predefined time intervals.

  • Creating a New Report Schedule
  • Editing, Deleting, or Disabling Report Schedules


    Creating a New Report Schedule

    To create a report schedule,

    1. Go to the Reports page and click Scheduled Reports in the bottom of the left tab.


    2. Create custom report


    3. Click +Create New Schedule on the top right corner of the page.
    4. Create custom report


    5. The form for scheduling a report appears. In the form,
      • Enter the name of the schedule, devices for which the schedule is for, and the reports which are to be included in the schedule.
      • Schedule Frequency: Specify the frequency at which reports need to be exported. The frequency can be 'Only Once', 'Hourly', 'Daily', 'Weekly', or 'Monthly'.
      • Export Time Range: Select the time range for which the report needs to be created and later exported.
      • Report Format: Choose the file format in which the report is to be exported i.e. PDF or CSV.
      • Email Address: Configure the email address to which the reports need to be sent.
      • Email Subject: Enter the subject of the mail that would contain the exported reports.
    6. Once you've entered the necessary details for the schedule, click Save to complete creating the report schedule.



    Editing, Deleting, or Disabling Report Schedule

    You can edit, delete, or disable report schedules.


    Create custom report



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