Tagging tool

EventLog Analyzer provides you with a handy 'Tagging' tool that makes your log search simpler and more effective.

The 'Tagging' tool bookmarks your logs, such that the next time you want to search for those logs, you can use the tag name rather than typing an entire search query. As search queries typically involve multiple criteria, the tagging feature saves a lot of time and effort.

For instance, you need to view the logs detailing failed logins, across different sources such as UNIX, Windows and Oracle application logs. You can associate all these logs to a tag. This tag can later return all such logs instantly.

You can always add or edit the search criteria associated with a tag, enabling you to refine your search anytime.

You can also add troubleshooting tips or notes along with your tag, which provides information to other users analyzing those logs.

This section explains:

How to create a tag

To create a tag, go to the Search tab and follow the below procedure:

  1. Specify all the search criteria which you wish to associate with your new tag. Click Go to obtain the search results.

    Tag - Criteria

  2. Hover the mouse pointer over any of the log entries in the list of results. Click on the Tag icon.

Assign Tag icon

  1. Fill the required details in the Assign Tag UI which pops up:

    Assign Tag UI

    1. Provide the name of the tag.

    2. Select the tag criteria from the predefined list. The list is based on the fields available in the search result. If it does not have the field you are looking for, then add those fields to the search results using the column selector available at the top right corner of the log entries pane.

    3. Provide troubleshooting tips/notes for the tag, if any. They can help in analyzing and interpreting the tag results.

    4. Specify the user name. By default, the current user name (logged on to the EventLog Analyzer web client), is displayed.

  2. Click on 'Apply' to save the tag.

How to edit a tag

A tag can be edited in either of the following places:

Edit icon for Tag

With this option, you can:

  • Modify the tag criteria

  • Add/delete the notes that were added

  • Change the user name associated with the tag


How to perform log search using a tag

Searching a tag

You can search for tags by their name, prefixed with #, in the search query text box. 

Typing # provides you with a list of all created tags for ease of selection.

How to delete a tag

To delete a tag, go to:

Settings tab > Tags > Edit/Delete



Click on the delete icon beside the tag name in the tag table.


 a. The tag name and the notes added to the tag should contain only alphanumeric characters.
  b. Tag criteria can be edited only by the user who created the tag and EventLog Analyzer users with Administrative privilege.
  c. Any user of EventLog Analyzer can add a note to a tag, irrespective of the tag creator.
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