System Requirements

This section lists the minimum system requirements for installing and working with EventLog Analyzer.


Hardware Requirements

For 32 bit machines

For 64 bit machines

EventLog Analyzer is optimized for 1024x768 monitor resolution and above.

Operating System Requirements

EventLog Analyzer can be installed and run on the following operating systems (both 32 Bit and 64 Bit architecture) and versions:



Supported Web Browsers

EventLog Analyzer has been tested to support the following browsers and versions:

Supported Logs and Data Sources

EventLog Analyzer can collect, index, analyze, archive, search and report on logs from over hundreds of devices, platforms and services. To know the latest supported logs and data sources visit

  • With its Universal Log Parsing and Indexing (ULPI) technology, EventLog Analyzer can support any log and data source that is in human-readable format.
  • For analyzing logs from Windows NT machine, WMI core should be installed on the Windows NT machine.
  • Syslogs received from SNARE agents for Windows will be displayed as Windows devices.


RAM Size and Disk Space Requirement Approximation

The following table recommends the RAM size and disk space requirements of the machine in which the EventLog Analyzer server is installed. The RAM size and disk space requirements depend on the number of devices sending log information to EventLog Analyzer, and the number of log records received per second or the log data received per day by EventLog Analyzer. The below approximation is worked out for 100 devices and an average log record size of 350 bytes.


Log Records Rate or Volume

RAM Size

Hard Disk Space Requirement Per Month to Archive Logs

100/sec or 3 GB/day

1 GB

300 GB

500/sec or 14 GB/day

2 GB

1440 GB

1000/sec or 28 GB/day

4 GB

2880 GB

Supported Databases

Bundled with the product

External Databases


PostgreSQL Performance Improvement Parameters (for EventLog Analyzer version 8.0 Build 8010 onwards)

For better performance, we recommend replacing the existing PostgreSQL parameters mentioned in postgres_ext.txt available under <EventLog Analyzer Home>\pgsql\data\directory with the values mentioned below:

port=33336 This change requires EventLog Analyzer Application/Service restart.
shared_buffers=128 MB Minimum requirement is 128 KB. This change requires EventLog Analyzer Application/Service restart.
work_mem=12 MB Minimum requirement is 64 KB.
maintenance_work_mem=100 MB Minimum requirement is 1 MB.
checkpoint_segments=15 Logfile segments minimum 1 and 16 MB each.
checkpoint_timeout=11 minutes Range: 30 seconds to 1 hour.
checkpoint_completion_target=0.9 Checkpoint target duration is 0.0 - 1.0.
seq_page_cost=1.0 This parameter is measured on an arbitrary scale.
random_page_cost=2.0 This parameter is measured on same scale as above.

MySQL Performance Improvement Parameters (for EventLog Analyzer version 8.0 Build 8000 or earlier)

For better performance, you can replace the existing MySQL parameters mentioned in startDB.bat/ (available under <EventLog Analyzer Home>\bin) with the following values, based on the EventLog Analyzer server's RAM Size.

Hardware RAM Size

MySQL Parameter Changes

1 GB

Default configuration as given in startDB.bat/

2 GB

" --innodb_buffer_pool_size=1200M "

3 GB

" --innodb_buffer_pool_size=1500M "

4 GB

" --innodb_buffer_pool_size=1500M "


Recommended System Setup

Apart from the System Requirements, the following setup would ensure optimal EventLog Analyzer performance:



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