License Details

Unlike some of our competitors, who charge based on log volume processed, ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer offers a simple licensing model. Licensing is based on the edition, license model and number of devices. The editions are Standalone/Premium, and Distributed. The license models are, Perpetual (Standard) and Annual Subscription Model (ASM).


Apart from the Standalone and the Distributed Edition, EventLog Analyzer also includes a Workstation Pack which allows you to license your Windows workstations separately. 

Available Editions

Standalone Edition
If your company is a Small or Medium Business (SMB), the network is in a single geographical location, and the number of devices and/or applications to be monitored is less than 1000, the Standalone edition is suitable for your company. Also, the log reception rate should be well within 20,000 logs/second. If your log rate increases, then you can easily switch over to Distributed Edition to handle the capacity.


Distributed Edition
If your company is a Large Business or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), and the network is spread across multiple geographical locations, the Distributed edition is suitable for your company. You can monitor 50 to virtually unlimited number of hosts/applications with this edition.

License Models

Perpetual model
In this model, the licensing is perpetual and a nominal amount is charged as Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS) fee to provide the maintenance, support, and updates.

Annual Subscription model
In this model, the license is valid for one year and after that the license expires. To continue the license should be renewed every year. Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS) fee is included in the subscription price and not charged separately.


Advantages of ManageEngine Licensing

How to choose the license



Upgrade from evaluator to purchased license

Note: The new license is applied with immediate effect. You do not have to shut down and restart the server after the license is applied.


Display license details

The License window that opens up displays the license information for the current EventLog Analyzer installation. It displays the following information:



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