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    Install EventLog Analyzer as a service

    The steps to install EventLog Analyzer as a service are given below:

    1. Establish a remote connection with the server where EventLog Analyzer is installed.
    2. Open the command prompt with Admin privileges.
    3. Navigate to C:\ManageEngine\EventLog Analyzer\bin
    4. Execute the following commands sequentially to ensure that the instance is not running:
      • shutdown.bat
      • stopDB.bat
      • stopSEC.bat
    5. Execute the following command to install EventLog Analyzer as a service.
      • service.bat -i
    6. Go to services.msc and start the ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer service by executing the service.bat -t command.
    Note: Commands related to ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer service:
    • Install the service: service.bat -i
    • Start the service: service.bat -t
    • Stop the service: service.bat -p
    • Restart the service: service.bat -r
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