EventLog Analyzer gives you the ability to customize logos, images, and links in the product to suit the needs of the MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers).


How to rebrand the EventLog Analyzer client?
Use the following menu option.


Customize Images

Replace the default images with your company/enterprise images

Client Logs & Images

Where it is used

Image Size & Thumbnail

New Image

Product Logo

Login Page

289*59 pixels


Top Band Image

Client Header

232*47 pixels


PDF Cover Image

PDF Cover Page

612*820 pixels


Server Status Image

Tray Icon (Windows)

400*60 pixels



Customize Strings/Links

Replace the default strings/links with your company/enterprise strings/links

Client Logs & Images

Where it is used

Existing String/Link

New String/Link

Company Name

Login Page

ZOHO Corp.


Brand Name

Login Page



Company Website

Login Page


Product Website

Login Page


Support Email

Login Page


Sales Email

About Popup


Toll Free

Support Page

+1 844 649 7766


Click Update to update the customized images/logos and strings/texts.


     - You can customize ZohoCorp/ManageEngine image/links as per your requirement.
     - Customization takes effect only for the changed image/links, else default images/links are retained.
     - Size of new image should be of same size as the default image.
     - Images with the following file extensions are only permitted: .jpg, .jpeg and .png 
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