Vulnerability Reports

EventLog Analyzer provides over 50 out-of-the-box reports analyzing vulnerability data. This include top N vulnerability reports that help in prioritizing the vulnerabilities in your network.

Reports on Nessus vulnerability data


Reports provided include:


EventLog Analyzer also provides information on GHOST (in Linux) and Shellshock. The overview report provides a comprehensive view of your Nessus vulnerability data.


Nessus Compliance Reports


EventLog Analyzer helps in complying to industry standard requirements that are concerned with collecting, analyzing and protecting vulnerability data from vulnerability scanners. It analyzes Nessus scanner log data and aggregates compliance data into the following intuitive graphical reports:


EventLog Analyzer helps meet PCI DSS compliance requirements, that are related to vulnerability log data analysis. It provides reports for events such as:

Reports on Qualys vulnerability data


Reports provided include:


It also provides information on open TCP and UDP ports, newly detected OSes, and an overview report on the log data.

Reports on NMAP vulnerability data


Reports on NMAP log data provide information on:

The solution also provides a comprehensive overview report for NMAP vulnerability data.

Reports on OpenVas vulnerability data


The reports provided classify top vulnerabilities based on threat level (High/Medium/Low). An overview report is also provided.

Reports on Nexpose vulnerability data



Reports provided include:


Supported formats: XML and XML 2.0.


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