Setting up the Mail Server


You need to configure the mail server in order to email alert notifications and scheduled reports.


Click the Mail Server Settings link to edit the mail server settings. Enter the following details:


Field Description
Outgoing Server Name Enter the name of the SMTP server on your network which is used for outgoing emails.
Port Enter the port used by the SMTP server. Usually this is 25.

Authenticate for every Login

If your SMTP server requires you to authenticate yourself before sending an email, check this option. Otherwise leave it unchecked.

*The below two fields are active only when this checkbox is checked.

User Name* Enter the user name used to authenticate email sending from this machine.
Password* Enter the corresponding password for the typed user name.
Use Secure Connection Select the TLS button to secure the connection between mail server and ELA server. Select No button if secure connection is not required.
Sender Address Enter the Sender or From Address which needs to be mentioned in the outgoing emails. By default, will be mentioned as the sender address.
Send a test message The Send a test message button is for testing the mail server configurations. You can give your email-id in the "To" field, which comes-up when you click Send a test message, and click Send. If the mail server configurations have been given correctly you will receive a Test Mail. You will receive two test mails. One mail with as attachment (this is to test whether the mail server allows zip file attachments) and other mail is plain without attachment.


After all the details have been filled in, click Save to save the mail server settings.


  • If you want to send secured emails, you can use the Use Secure Connection option. The Transport Layer Security (TLS) option uses public key encryption to send the email to untrusted networks. For more information on Transport Layer Security (TLS) refer the URL: Also refer the link to know about TLS
  • If the mail server has not been configured, you will see an error message next to the Mail To box wherever e-mail options are available. Click the link inside the error message to enter the same details as above in the popup window that is opened.
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