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How to create IBM iSeries (AS/400) Alert Profile

Ensure that atleast one IBM iSeries (AS/400) host is added in EventLog Analyzer. To create IBM iSeries (AS/400) alert profile, use any one of the following menu options:

  • Alerts tab > Alert Profiles: +
  • Settings tab > Alerts: AS/400
  • Tabs: +Add > AS/400 Alert

Follow the procedure given below to create IBM iSeries alert profile.


Create custom IBM report


  1. Enter a unique name for the alert profile

  2. Assign criticality for the alerts generated using this profile. The options available are High, Medium, and Low

  3. Alert can be generated for selected IBM iSeries host(s) and host group(s). Select the required host(s) and host group(s)

  4. Define the criteria for alerts. Select the log severity from the list. Alert is generated if other criteria are met for any one of the severity. Enter the iSeries Message ID for a specific message. Enter the iSeries Job Name for a specific job.

  5. Use the Log Message Contains fields to define the alert to get triggered if a specific word or phrase is found in the log message and use the Except field to define the alert to not get triggered if a specific word or phrase is found in the log message.

  6. For the above two fields, advanced option (Advanced) is available. With that option more than one matching word or phrase can be defined and it can any one of the word/ phrase or all   

  7. Further alert generation can be controlled from one alert per event to one alert for a defined number events occurring within a defined time period. Enter the number of events and the time duration for which one alert should be generated

  8. The generated alert can be notified by Email and SMS and with Run Program a script or program can be executed on generation alert, to rectify the alert condition. Select the notification option

  9. Use the Add Alert Profile button to complete the alert profile creation. The created alert profile will be listed in the Alert Profile Details screen. The profiles can be enabled, disabled, modified, and deleted from the list


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