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    Installing ang getting started with EventLog Analyzer API

    To get EventLog Analyzer API Server/Client working, you need to

    Installing JRE

    EventLog Analyzer API needs a JRE to run. You can get the JRE installed in your machine via 

    • The product 
    • Download link

    If you wish to install the API Server on the same machine where EventLog Analyzer is running (/ to be installed) then JRE of EventLog Analyzer can very well be shared with API Server. To share the JRE you to set the path to JRE before running the server.


    Setting path in Windows Machine:
    set path=%PATH%;"server_home\Eventlog\jre\bin"

    Setting classpath in Linux/Unix machine:
    export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:"server_home\Eventlog\jre\bin"

    In case if you wish to install the API Server in a different machine (other than EventLog Analyzer Server), then you need to download the JRE and install in the corresponding machine


    Downloading ManageEngine_EventLogAnalyzer_API.zip

    To download the latest version of EventLog Analyzer API, leave your request here. Our support team will get back to you within a business day.


    Deploying ManageEngine_EventLogAnalyzer_API.zip Server and Client:

    1. After downloading the ManageEngine_EventLog_Analyzer_API.zip, extract it
    2. After extracting, you will get a EventLogAnalyzer_Server.zip and EventLogAnalyzer_Client.zip files
    3. Extract the server in the required directory. Before running the server, update the configuration file <location> as follows:
    • Set the index path. The default index path is <ELA_HOME>/server/default/indexes
    • Set the CSV path wherein you want the output CSV files to be written
    • Specify the port in which the API Server would run
    • Set the native language of the Server
    For instance, in a Windows machine, you can set the index and csv_path as below
    And for a Unix/Linux machine, it would be,
    The server language can either be English, Japanesse or Chinese. Each language is specified by a unique langualge code as below:
    Language code:
    0 - English (Default language)
    1 - Japanese
    2 - Chinese


    Staring API Server:

    Once the configuration files are updated, start the API server <in cmd prompt> as follows:

    set path / export class path
    java -jar ManageEngine_EventLogAnalyzer_API.jar


    Once the server is started, the logs can be found at the location ../logs/


    Starting API Client

    Distribute the client to the required system. 

    Edit the template.py file and run it from the same directory


    Note: To run the EventLog_Analyzer_API Client you need to have Python 2.7 installed.
    There will be a latency of 2 hours in receiving logs from EventLog Analyzer server.