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Windows event logs, Syslogs and Application logs can be imported for analysis and report generation.

How to import log files?
Refer the ‘Import log file’ topic to import the logs.

Imported Log Files
In the Imported Log Files page all the logs imported to EventLog Analyzer for monitoring are displayed. There are two tabs, Event log imports and Application log imports.
The Event Log Imports table displays the event log files imported along with the

  • name of the imported file
  • name of the host from which it was imported
  • type of log
  • method of import (HTTP/FTP)
  • time it was imported
  • start time and end time of the log record, and
  • type of report generated

Imported log files - eventlogs

The 'Application log Imports' table displays the

      • imported log files
      • name of the imported file
      • description of the log format
      • name of the remote host from which itwas imported
      • current status of the import
      • time it was imported
      • size of the importedlog file
      • time taken to import the file
      • protocol used to import (HTTP/FTP), and
      • the action to load the log file to the database and search

You can search or drop the logs if it is already loaded in to the database.



Imported log files - applications


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