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Host Log Reports

All the events generated by a host, are collected, aggregated, and grouped under different categories before displaying them in graphs and reports. From any report/tab that displays the hosts name, click on a host to get the  'General summary'.The 'General Summary' shows you the number of events by each type, you can drill down to the raw log by clicking on the event count of the host.

Important Events tab:

EventLog Analyzer considers events such as user logon/logoff, user account changes, and server-specific events as important events, and shows them under the Important Events tab. This simplifies troubleshooting to a great extent, because you don't have to sift through rows of log information to identify a critical event. Any event that may require more than a customary glance is shown under this tab.

 All Events tab:

All the events generated by the host, are classified by process (event type) and shown under this tab. Click on the event count displayed against process, to see the corresponding details of the event generated. The event summary shows the event log source (kernel, syslog, etc.) and the facility (daemon, syslog, etc.) along with the message (event description) and the event timestamp.


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