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    Release Notes

    This section gives you the release updates, feature enhancements and bug fixes of EventLog Analyzer Version 10.6 (Build 10600)


    10.6 - Build 10600 - Standalone Edition

    New Features:

    • Supports vulnerability data analytics - EventLog Analyzer 10.6 supports log collection and analysis of vulnerability scanners such as Nessus, Qualys, NMAP, and OpenVas. It provides 50+ predefined reports and alert conditions exclusively for vulnerability data analytics that help prioritizing the vulnerabilities thus proactively mitigate security attacks
    • Supports threat intelligent solution log data - The latest version of EventLog Analyzer supports log data analysis of endpoint security solution such as FireEye and Symantec Endpoint solution and Symantec DLP application. The solution provides predefined reports and alert criteria that helps identifying and containing security threats at the earliest
    • vCenter log monitoring - EventLog Analyzer 10.6 supports vCenter log monitoring. It provides on-the-fly reports and alert conditions that help monitoring vCenter activities such as Datastore changes, permission changes, host changes, Resourcepool changes and more.
    • Supports GPG compliance - EventLog Analyzer now provides out-of-the-box reports and alerts for that helps HMG organizations to comply to GPG13 compliance.


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the issue in field extraction that arise while creating more than two fields or whenever a special character is included in the field value
    • Fixed issue with alert delay in case of slow log rate
    • Fixed time stamping issue for syslogs. 
    • Fixed the time range selection issue in report and correlation data generation
    • Guest user promotion as Admin by accessing user management page has been fixed
    • Vulnerabilities on session hijacking using cookie value JSESSIONID  has ben fixed
    • XSS vulnerability in EventLog Analyzer server login page has been fixed