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Release Notes

Here are the release updates, feature enhancements and bug fixes of EventLog Analyzer 8.6 (build 8060)

8.6 - Build 8060 - Standalone Edition

New Features:

  1. Supports MSSQL Audit logs

    • A dozen exclusively canned reports for MSSQL audit logs

    • Generate and schedule reports for MSSQL audit logs. Export the report in PDF format and redistribute the reports via email

  2. Supports IBM AS/400/ iSeries Journal Audit logs
    • Generate and schedule User based reports for IBM AS/400/iSeries logs

    • Default host report provides you with the important events that includes all the audited logs of IBM AS/400/iSeries machine

    • Generate reports, trigger alerts and filter the logs based on audited fields

  3. Cloud Infrastructure Log monitoring
    • Supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Windows Instances

  4. Supports Tagging the logs
    • Make the Log Search easier and efficient by allowing to search the logs with simple tags

  5. Advanced Alert Options
    • Set up the alert criteria with custom extracted fields for Oracle, MS SQL, Print Server, IIS and other application logs

    • FIM Alerts - Trigger alerts in real-time for any changes in files/folders

  6. On the fly extraction and creation of new fields to index custom logs while importing


  1. File Integrity Monitoring

    • Generate and schedule reports for activities on files/folders being monitored

    • Monitors all the activities on files/folders with easily interpretable graphical dashboard

  1. Facilitates lesser disk space utilization and faster data recovery with the new index technology version upgrade

  2. Option to switch between plain text or html formats for Email Alerts

  3. For AD Authentication the domain name will be auto-filled upon entering the user name in the 'Login' page

  4. Option to exclude Event IDs while creating alert profile

  5. Near real time log flow rate calculation and display 'EventLog Analyzer Server Details' page

  6. Provision to export the dashboard drill down report pages in PDF/CSV formats

  7. Provision to add notes in email alert notification

  8. Option to notify the report generation and location of the saved report through email

  9. Auto-suggestion for Print Server/Oracle hosts in Applications page

  10. Provision to generate PDF reports in system supported fonts/languages

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with
    • Loading archived files using Windows 2008 'bcp utility'  is fixed

    • Database character encoding for MySQL - Latin1 in build 8020 Japanese installation is fixed

    • New group creation with operator user type is fixed

    • Forced restart to reflect the changes while applying perpetual licensing is fixed

    • Sorting in Host List page is fixed

    • Highlighting search terms upon mouse hover in application reports drill down page is fixed

    • 'Disable host' function of IBM AS/400 host is fixed

    • Importing alert profiles is fixed

    • Source name duplication under All Events while using PostgreSQL and MS SQL Database is fixed

    • 'No Data Available' error under 'Top Process by Event severity' in custom schedule page  is fixed

    • Line break (</br>) alignment in email alert notification is fixed

    • Blank Search tab display for Operator user group is fixed

    • MS SQL cluster database issue

    • Deletion of files in cold folder as per the Database storage setting, is fixed

    • 'SysEvtCol' process crash with MS SQL database is fixed

    • Log imports failure when the log file exceeding 10MB is fixed

    • Log collection when object access Windows Event IDs are handled, is fixed

    • Failure of log agent communication to ELA Server with multiple interfaces in agent hosts is fixed

  • Validation for image under re-branding is set

  • Left pane of the Alerts page, displays the Message & Mobile icon only on mouse hover

  • Included the AMS License expiry information under License details

  • Upon fake path browser error, a pop up message with the steps for browser settings is provided

  • DAT files processing made seamless

  • Disabled 'Prefix' and 'Suffix' functions in Custom field extraction page is fixed

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