Managing Alert Profiles


Click the Alert Profiles link in the Settings tab, to manage all the alert profiles set up so far. Clicking the option will open the Alert Profile Details page. The page contains a menu bar and list of alert profiles available.

The menu bar contains the following menu:

Tip There will be no hosts configured for the imported alert profiles. You have to edit the alert profile to configure the hosts.

The Alert Profiles table lists all the alert profiles set up so far, along with all the details selected when the alert profile was created, such as log type, Severity/EventID, Criticality, Occurrences, etc. Click on an alert profile to see the corresponding list of alerts triggered. The Enabledtoggle icon lets you enable or disable an alert profile and correspondingly start or stop triggering alerts for the same. You can edit the alert profile by clicking on the edit alert icon.


The Delete icon lets you delete an alert profile. Once deleted, the alerts associated with this profile are also deleted from the database. The Email icon indicates that an e-mail notification has been set up for this alert profile.

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