About EventLog Analyzer


EventLog Analyzer collects, normalizes, and aggregates security, systems, directory service, dns server and application log data from enterprise-wide Windows, Linux, and UNIX hosts, and syslogs from Routers, Switches, and any other syslog devices.


The following are some of the key features of this release.


Feature Description

Centralized event log management

Application, system, and security event data is collected from enterprise-wide and distributed Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems, and syslogs from Cisco Routers & Switches are stored in a central database (MySQL database bundled with the product).

Compliance reporting

Generate pre-defined compliance reports to meet HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, and PCI requirements.

Automatic alerting

Define alerts based on event, event category, event type, event ID, log message contents, host, or host groups.

Historical trending

View trends of system events on a particular host or host group. This is especially useful during performance analysis.

Security analysis

identify unauthorized and failed logins, and errant users. Such analysis helps to reduce the reaction time to unforeseen events.

Host grouping group hosts based on business needs, and generate exclusive event reports and trend reports.
Pre-defined event reports instantly generate reports on top events, top hosts, etc. across hosts, host groups, users, and even processes.
Customizable report profiles build custom report profiles with specific event filters and report format options.
Report scheduling automatically generate reports at specified time intervals and get them delivered via email.

Multiple report formats

generate and export reports in HTML, PDF, and CSV formats.

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