The common denominator in most attacks are malicious emails. Here's a list of some of the major phishing attacks that took place this year.

  • jan

    Iranian hackers targeted Israeli nuclear scientists with phishing emails that contained dubious links.

  • FEB
    • Hackers breached cryptocurrency startup BeeToken's mailing list and sent phishing emails to their customers, stealing $1 million of Ethereum.
    • The personal data of Batavia city employees and elected officials was exposed after a phishing scam.
    • A Ukraine-based phishing gang made $50 million by tricking Bitcoin investors.
  • MAR
    • A security advisory from Barracuda Security Insight showed that phishing emails were being masked as tax-related alerts from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to steal users' passwords.
    • Russian hackers stole 86,000 euros from 32 ATMs by conducting a spear-phishing attack against Raiffeisen Romania.
  • APR
    • Personally identifiable information (PII) of 6,800 CareFirst members was exposed in a phishing attack.
  • JUN
    •'s customers and employees were affected by a phishing scam.
    • The domain was blacklisted by several email providers after an unsuspecting employee fell for a phishing email, which resulted in over eight million spam emails being sent from that domain.
  • JUL
    • The Palestinian Authority, the governing body of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, was the target of an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack dubbed "Big Bang." This attack started with a spear-phishing email
    • Hackers breached a Virginia bank twice and made away with $2.4 million after targeted phishing attacks.
  • AUG
    • The personal data of 400,000 people was exposed after Augusta University Health was hit with a phishing attack.

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