LDAP Attributes

Exchange Reporter Plus allows you to add custom attributes from the extended Active Directory schema to get more details using 42 predefined Exchange Server reports. To add your custom LDAP attributes to Exchange Reporter Plus reports:

  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Navigate to Configuration → Exchange Server → LDAP Attributes.
  3. Click the Add Attribute button.
  4. Enter a suitable Display Name and LDAP Name.
  5. Choose the Data Type from the drop-down menu (Unicode String, Integer, Boolean, Large Integer, or DateTime).
  6. Select the Associated ObjectClass(es), and click Add.

Once the custom attributes are added, run the essential data gathering tasks to populate the desired reports with data. You can now open any of the 42 reports listed below, and choose the custom attribute(s) from the Add/Remove Columns option to view the required information.

Note: Adding custom attributes in Exchange Reporter Plus will not create a custom attribute in Active Directory. You can only link existing attributes that were added by extending the Active Directory schema.

Supported reports:

  1. Mailbox Enabled Users
  2. Mailbox Size Growth
  3. Hidden Mailboxes
  4. Mailbox Features
  5. Mailbox Message Delivery Settings
  6. Mailbox Size Restrictions
  7. Mailbox Message Restrictions
  8. Mailbox with Delegates
  9. Mailbox with Forward To
  10. Inactive Mailboxes By Last Sent Mail
  11. Inactive Mailboxes By Last Received Mail
  12. Current Mailbox Size Vs Quota
  13. Inactive Mailboxes By Last Logon Time
  14. Expired Account Mailboxes
  15. Mailbox Storage Information
  16. Recently Created Mailboxes
  17. Mailbox Auto Reply State
  18. Permissions Based on Mailboxes
  19. Mailboxes with Policies
  20. Mailboxes without Retention Policies
  21. Mailbox Features
  22. Device Policy Application Status
  23. Mobile Users by agent
  24. Inactive ActiveSync Devices
  25. Number of Messages By Sender
  26. Volume of Messages By Sender
  27. Number of Messages By Receiver
  28. Volume of Messages By Receiver
  29. Average delivery time for users
  30. Number of Messages Sent and Received By Mailbox
  31. Distribution Lists
  32. Inactive Distribution Lists
  33. Message Delivery Restrictions
  34. Distribution List By Message
  35. Distribution List Subject
  36. Distribution List By Volume
  37. Users of Distribution List By Message
  38. Users of Distribution List By Volume
  39. Mailbox Size Growth
  40. Archive Mailbox Size
  41. Shared Mailboxes
  42. Shared Mailboxes Permissions

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