Log Path

The Log Path lists the "Message Tracking Log" and "Outlook Web Access Info (IIS) Log"  Paths for all managed Exchange Servers.

The Log Path information will be available only after the initial Essential Data Gathering task is executed.

To edit the default log path :

  1. Click on Admin -->> Log Path (under Configurations)

  2. Click on the icon against the "Log Path" you would like to edit.

  3. This Pops out a modify screen which allows you to edit both "Message Tracking Log Path" and "OWA" Log Path.

  4. Click on Update after log path is modified.

This will update the Message Tracking and Outlook Web Access Info(IIS) Log Paths.

The gatherings  ("Message Tracking Logs" and "Outlook Web Access Info Logs (IIS Logs)") will use this new path.


The path can be in any one of the following formats:

The "User" whose credentials are entered for "Message Tracking Log Gatherings" and "Outlook Web Access Info Log (IIS Log) Gatherings" must have a minimum Read permissions to read the log files.

Exchange Reporter Plus collects log data from the log path entered in it. The Log Path info (available immediately after the initial Essential Data Gathering Task is executed), is collected from the Active Directory.


A log path change made by a user in MS Exchange is not automatically reflected in the Active Directory. It is advisable to change that manually using the "Log Path" configuration option.

A manual update of the log paths in the product is always given preference over the log path information collected from Active Directory.


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