Scheduling Distribution List Membership Gathering Tasks

Scheduling Data Gathering Tasks can be done from the Task Scheduling option of Exchange Reporter Plus. Distribution List Membership Gathering Tasks will gather membership information from all the distribution lists in your Active Directory. It requires Administrator credentials possessing appropriate permissions.


To schedule a New Distribution List Membership Gathering Task

  1. Click on "Admin" Tab -->> Task Scheduling -->> Schedule New Task

  2. Select the "Exchange Organization" from which data is to be gathered [from drop down]

  3. Provide a "Schedule Name" and "Schedule Description"

  4. Select the "Distribution List Membership" from the "Task List" drop down.

  5. Select the "Schedule Type".

  6. Select the Time and Time Zone.

  7. Use default credentials or Enter task specific credentials. [Note: Default credentials are provided at "Exchange Reporter Plus" installation or when an Exchange Organization was added.]

  8. Click on Create.

This will schedule a Distribution List Membership Gathering Task.

A scheduled task gathers data only from one Exchange Organization. Any number of Distribution List Membership Data Gathering tasks can be scheduled.



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