Mailbox Logon Reports

Mailbox access auditing and reporting is a crucial step in not only ensuring security but also in meeting the regulatory compliance standards. The reports under Mailbox Logon category include

Non-owner Mailbox Logon

Exchange Reporter Plus′s Non-owner Mailbox Logon audits and reports the non-owner users who gained access to the other user mailboxes. This report list the users who accessed the mailbox, the mailbox accessed and the server where the mailbox is located, the users′ domain and the mailbox logon time within a selected time period. This allows the Exchange administrators to detect any users trying to get unauthorized access to other mailboxes.

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User Logon Activity

Auditing user logon to mailboxes is essential to gain a clear insight on the user activity. This data can also help in meeting the compliance requirements. User Logon Activity report tracks and lists the successful user logons to mailboxes along with the logon time stamp. With the help of logon timestamps, it becomes easy to track, analyze and monitor the user logon activity.

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Server-based Logon

Server-based Logon report is a consolidation of both the non-owner users and the user logon activities. This report gives a clear picture of all the mailbox logons along with the users who logged into the specified mailbox and the timestamp value.

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