Installation of Exchange Reporter Plus


ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus can be installed on any MAPI installed machine in the network.


To install ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus,

Installing Exchange Reporter Plus as an application with the InstallShield Wizard.

Installing "Exchange Reporter Plus Service"

When you install 'Exchange Reporter Plus Service' it will invoke the following user interface. Please provide the credentials of a user who has the administrative privileges on the local machine where the product is installed


Once the 'Exchange Reporter Plus Service' is installed you can start the product as a windows service.

When Exchange Reporter Plus is started in Windows XP / Windows 2003 machines with firewall enabled, Windows may pop up security alerts asking whether to block or unblock the following programs:

1. mysqld-nt - Database server
2. Java(TM) 2 Platform Standard Edition binary - Java

Adding an Exchange Organization


Once Exchange Reporter Plus is installed, an Exchange organization should be added to proceed with the working.



Enter default credentials to be used for all the Gatherings:


Exchange Reporter Plus gathers information from the Exchange Server and other data sources like Active Directory, Message Tracking Logs and Outlook Web Access Info (IIS) Logs.   The credentials provided while adding an Exchange organization will be used as the default credentials for all the data gatherings.



Privileges Required for Data Gatherings:


If the default credentials provided does not have sufficient privileges, then appropriate Credentials/Privileges to gather Exchange organization information is used as given below.


Data To Be Gathered

Privilege needed for Data Gathering

Comprehensive data about Exchange Organization and Exchange Servers.

Administrator credentials possessing appropriate permissions (Including those given in the below rows).

Mailbox Data

Exchange View only administrator who has a mailbox. The mailbox should not be hidden from the Global Address List(GAL).

Mailbox Content Data

Any valid user credential with "send as" and "receive as" permissions on the mailboxes, about which information is to be gathered

Exchange Traffic / Outlook Web Access Info Log files

Any valid user credential with read access to the log file on remote share

Public Folder Properties and Public Folder Content Data

Any valid user credential with read access to Public Folders, about which information is to be gathered



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