Working with Exchange Reporter Plus

This topic discusses the following

  1. Starting Exchange Reporter Plus

  2. Accessing Exchange Reporter Plus

  3. Stopping Exchange Reporter Plus

Starting Exchange Reporter Plus


To start Exchange Reporter Plus in console mode, click the Desktop Icon of Exchange Reporter Plus from the machine where it is installed.

It can also be started from:

Running Exchange Reporter Plus as a Service :


For Exchange Reporter Plus to be started as a service, install the "Exchange Reporter Plus Service".


Installing "Exchange Reporter Plus Service"


Start →Programs → Exchange Reporter Plus → Service → Install "Exchange Reporter Plus Service".


When you install "Exchange Reporter Plus Service" it will invoke the following User Interface. Please provide the credentials of a user who has the administrative privileges on the local machine where the product is installed.


Once the "Exchange Reporter Plus Service" is installed you can start the product as "Windows service".

When Exchange Reporter Plus is started in Windows XP / Windows 2003 machines with firewall enabled, Windows may pop up security alerts asking whether to block or unblock the following programs as shown in the images below:


  1. Java(TM) 2 Platform Standard Edition binary - Java.

Unblock these programs to start Exchange Reporter Plus.



Fig. Java Alert


The product does not run in service mode by default. It is recommended to install in service mode for continuous data gathering.


Accessing Exchange Reporter Plus


To access the Exchange Reporter Plus open a Web browser and type http://<hostname>:<port number> in the address bar.


Here the "hostname" refers to the DNS name of the machine where Exchange Reporter Plus is running and the "port number" is the port at which Exchange Reporter is running. The default port number is "8181" which can be changed during installation or from the Product Settings of Exchange Reporter Plus.



If the product runs in a console mode you can invoke the product client from system tray icon as well.



Stopping Exchange Reporter Plus


Start → Programs → Exchange Reporter Plus →Stop Exchange Reporter Plus.


If the product runs in a console mode you can stop the product from system tray icon as well.




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