September 2013 Newsletter

With the new ActiveSync reports by Exchange Reporter Plus, manage the bevy of ActiveSync devices better 

The number of employees connecting to Exchange via ActiveSync from various mobile devices is steadily increasing with every passing day. Acquiring ActiveSync policy details, device details, status information and sync request details for each of these devices individually, on an everyday basis is a tedious job. A reporting tool that will consolidate such information pertaining to ActiveSync enabled devices and present it in a user friendly interface is the ideal solution. Exchange reporter Plus’s ActiveSync reports fits the bill perfectly.

Two categories of ActiveSync reports are offered

ActiveSync General Reports

This category of reports throws light on ActiveSync policy details, device details and ActiveSync status information. Use these reports to know which policy is associated with which mailbox, password details pertaining to ActiveSync policies and much more!

ActiveSync Request Reports

This category of reports provide comprehensive information on Sync requests emanating from all the ActiveSync devices in the Exchange environment. Obtain reports on device specific Sync requests with the exact timestamp. With the help of these reports elicit the list of successfully executed commands like “send mail”, “reply” and “forward”. You can also obtain summary reports for top synced mailboxes and servers in addition to periodic Sync request summaries

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