Resource management, capacity planning, migration planning...

Do these ring a bell? For your Exchange environment to function properly, you need to maintain the health of your storage components (mailboxes, public folder databases, and servers). If these components fail, it could create problems for both your employees and end users. For instance, employees could miss out on emails because of mailbox storage limits being reached. End users could be denied access to their mailboxes because of a database replication problem. To avoid problems such as these and to ensure efficient capacity planning, you need to constantly monitor your storage components. 

In this webinar, Shruti Ramanujam, Exchange expert, will talk about the key storage components every admin should look into and how ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus, a comprehensive Exchange auditing tool, makes critical storage component monitoring easier.


In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid performance bottlenecks with efficient capacity planning.
  • Find out when mailboxes reach their size limits.
  • Identify oversized databases and overloaded servers.
  • Monitor disk performance.
  • Detect storage issues before end users run into problems.