Cloud technology has become important for most companies, especially considering its advantages such as the reduced downtime and cost, increased reliability, and more. Companies using Exchange Servers for business emails that are skeptical about the cloud have adopted hybrid environments (mix of on-premises and Exchange Online) to test the waters before an Office 365 plunge.

However, in cloud adoption, security is still a concern for Exchange admins, especially since emails are sometimes an easy entry point for cyber attacks. This free webinar will elaborate on what you need to look for to secure your Exchange Online and how Exchange Reporter Plus can help in security auditing.


In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Monitor user activity.
  • Allow audit logging of Exchange Online mailboxes.
  • Identify spam (inbound and outbound) and malicious emails.
  • Audit administrators' activities on mailboxes.
  • Track mailbox permission changes.