Alert Profile Details

The Alert Profiles link lets you view all the alert profiles of a selected Collector server, set up so far.

Select the Collector: combo box lists all the Collector servers registered with this Admin server. Select the Collector server as per your requirement.



The Alert Profiles of various Collector servers are displayed. The profile are view only. You cannot edit/change/modify the profile configuration.


The Alert Profiles table lists the following details of all the existing alert profiles:


Columns Description
Edit Option to edit the alert profile disabled for Admin server.
Profile Name Name of the alert profile
Criticality Criticality of the alert triggered by the profile
Action Action on the profile to be carried out disabled for Admin server.
# Alerts Number of times alert has been triggered for this profile
Alert Type Email, SMS, Run Program are the alert types will be displayed depending on the configuration.
Mail-Id Email address associated with the Email alert type of the alert profile












Click an alert profile to see the corresponding list of alerts triggered.


Alert Type


The email icon indicates that an email notification has been set up for this alert profile. The corresponding email address is also displayed next to this icon.



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