Using the Left Pane of Web Client  - Firewall Analyzer Central Server

    The left pane provides quick links to different tasks in Firewall Analyzer. 

    The following is a list of all components found in the left pane:

    Component Description
    Firewall Analyzer User About - about Firewall Analyzer, Installation Info - Information about the installation of Firewall Analyzer instance,
    Register - register your Firewall Analyzer product license, Support - All the support information needed like SIF, Thread Dump, View Logs and DB Query

    The dashboard contains the following tabs: OverviewLive TrafficCloud ControlUsersVPNRule ManagementSecurityCompliance. 'Overview' is the default dashboard tab selected.


    The inventory contains the following tabs: Devices, Interfaces, Users, Cloud Services, Used Rules. 'Devices' will be default tab


    The alarms displays all the alarms and events generated by the firewall.

    Group Chat Firewall Analyzer users can chat among them regarding the issues in the network/firewall. Users can add users and create user groups for informal communication
    End User Network users, Top users of services, Top services used are listed in this tab
    Reports Firewall Analyzer reports are grouped as User, Firewall, Proxy, Standards, Change Management, Rule Management, Security Audit, and Search
    Settings In Firewall Analyzer settings are grouped as Basic, User Management, and Firewall