VPN Tab - Firewall Analyzer Central Server

    The VPN Reports shows usage statistics, protocols used, and other details across each VPN configured behind the firewall.

    The Top N VPNs by Traffic Usage shows the total bandwidth used by each VPN behind this firewall. The VPN gateway used, the number of hits, and the total bytes of traffic generated by each VPN.

    The Top N VPN Groups by Traffic table shows the VPN usage details of each VPN user group. The table contains the VPN Groups, Hits, Duration, and Total Bytes (MB) of the group wise VPN details.

    Active VPN Users

    Details of all the VPN Users currently connected across the Firewall/Concentrator are listed in this section of the report.

    The details in the Active VPN Users list are explained below:

    Device Name - the firewall device through which the VPN goes through
    VPN User - the user name of the VPN connection across firewall.
    Host - the host name / IP address of the machine of the VPN user, which got connected through VPN.
    VPN Type - the type of VPN connection used by the user.
    Start Time - the time at which the VPN connection across firewall for the user was started.
    Duration - the duration of time up to the current time, for which the user is connected through VPN across firewall.