Firewall Policy Management

Firewall Analyzer is a firewall administration software, that helps in administering firewall rules and policies into multiple firewalls. The firewall rule automation ensures that firewall rules are pushed into the device seamlessly, avoiding errors and oversight. This firewall administration tool is capable of making the following changes.

  • Add, modify, and delete network and service objects
  • Add, modify, and delete firewall rules
  • Analyze the implications of proposed firewall rule changes
  • Push changes directly to the firewall

Refer the 'Firewall Rule Administration' page for more details.

Firewall Analyzer is an efficient firewall rule and policy management tool that helps you gain visibility on all firewall rules, optimize firewall rules, and remove rule anomalies. It provides rule management reports for most major firewall devices including CiscoFortiGateWatchGuard, and Check Point.

How does Firewall Analyzer help facilitate firewall rules management?

Firewall Analyzer is policy analysis and configuration reporting software that helps with firewall security policy management (Firewall Management). It offers API or CLI-based rule management, and helps security admins track policy changes, optimize firewall performance, and meet compliance standards. Below are the key features of Firewall Analyzer that help security admins manage firewall policies.

1. Firewall Policy Overview

Firewall Policy Management - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Manually documenting all firewall rules and reviewing them on a regular basis is a time-consuming task. To solve this issue, Firewall Analyzer fetches the entire set of rules written in the firewall. To simplify review, you can also filter rules based on the following criteria:

  • Allowed and denied rules.
  • Inbound and outbound rules.
  • Inactive rules.
  • Rules with logging disabled.
  • Over-permissive, any-to-any rules.

2. Firewall Policy Optimization

Firewall Policy Management Tools - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer helps identify redundancy, generalization, correlation, and grouping anomalies, as well as shadow rules, for faster firewall rule analysis. These anomalies negatively impact firewall performance, and removing them helps optimize firewall rule efficiency. 

3. Firewall Rule Reorder Recommendations

Firewall Rule Analyzer - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer analyzes various rule interactions and anomalies to provide suggestions on rule position. By correlating the number of rule hits with rule complexity and anomalies, it can estimate the performance improvement for a suggested change. With the help of this report, you get an understanding of how to organize firewall rules to maximize speed.

4. Firewall Rule Cleanup

Firewall Policy Management Software - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer provides a detailed list of all unused firewall rules, objects, and interfaces. The Rule Cleanup feature provides a high-level overview of which unused rules, objects, and interfaces can be removed or deactivated.

5. Firewall Rule Impact Analysis

Firewall Rule Management - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer's Rule Impact feature lets you perform in-depth impact analysis for a proposed new rule, allowing you to determine if the new rule is going to impact the existing rule set negatively. With these reports, you can identify threats, understand risks, remove anomalies, and optimize the proposed new rule. 

6. Firewall rule administration

Firewall Rule Management - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer


Firewall rule management 

Firewall rule management is the process of periodically reviewing and optimizing firewall rules. This process involves the following:

  • Analyzing rule anomalies that affect the performance of the firewall.
  • Reordering existing rules to improve rule performance.
  • Identifying and removing unused rules.
  • Analyzing the impact of a new rule on the existing rule set before making it live in the firewall.

Why is firewall rule management tool important?

Firewalls provide protection from external threats by shielding your network and preventing malicious internet traffic. With a stable set of rules and policies in place, you can keep your company safe from hackers. But keeping track of firewall security policies is a challenge in itself; small organizations can have hundreds of rules to manage, while larger ones may have thousands. Many of these rules date back more than five to ten years, and there's often a lack of continuity in defining new rules as most are inherited from their predecessors. This mismanagement of rules severely affects firewall performance, leaving your network vulnerable to security breaches.

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Refer Configure Firewall Rules page to know how to configure firewall rules.

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Other features

Firewall Reports

Get a slew of security and traffic reports to asses the network security posture. Analyze the reports and take measures to prevent future security incidents. Monitor the Internet usage of enterprise users.

Firewall Compliance Management

Integrated compliance management system automates your firewall compliance audits. Ready made reports available for the major regulatory mandates such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, NIST, NERC-CIP, and SANS.

Firewall Log Management

Unlock the wealth of network security information hidden in the firewall logs. Analyze the logs to find the security threats faced by the network. Also, get the Internet traffic pattern for capacity planning. 

Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring

With live bandwidth monitoring, you can identify the abnormal sudden shhot up of bandwidth use. Take remedial measures to contain the sudden surge in bandwidth consumption.

Firewall Alerts

Take instant remedial actions, when you get notified in real-time for network security incidents. Check and restrict Internet usage if banwidth exceeds specified threshold.

Manage Firewall Service

MSSPs can host multiple tenants, with exclusive segmented and secured access to their respective data. Scalable to address their needs. Manages firewalls deployed around the globe.


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