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License Management - Manage/Unmanage Devices

Firewall Analyzer offers a powerful and rich feature to manage and unmanage the devices. It offers a greater degree of flexibility to manage the number of devices that can be monitored by using Firewall Analyzer.


Click the Settings > Admin Settings > License Management link to manage/unmanage/delete devices. On clicking the link License Management page opens up. On the right side top corner of the screen, you will find Apply License, Buy Online, Tell a Friend buttons with links. On top of the page, the details of the license you have purchased will be displayed.


License Details Value Description
Max Number of Devices : 50 Total number of device licenses purchased
Managed Devices : 33 Number of devices getting managed
Remaining Number of Devices : 17 Remaining number of device licenses available for managing devices
License Type : Premium Type of license i.e., Professional, Premium, Trial


Below the License Details you will find the list of devices currently added to the Firewall Analyzer for monitoring and their status of getting managed or unmanaged. The tabular list contains individual and select all devices check boxes. On top and bottom of the list, there are three buttons available for operations. The operations are Manage, Unmanage, and Delete. All the devices added to the Firewall Analyzer server will be listed in this page. From the list of added devices, select one or multiple devices using the check boxes against the respective devices. To select all the devices, select the check box in the table/list header.



Only the managed devices logs will be parsed and archived. Number of managed devices cannot exceed number of licensed devices. Select required device(s) or select all devices to manage. Click the Manage button. The selected device will be managed.



The unmanaged device logs will be dropped and not archived during the unmanaged period. As an ad-hoc option, if you want to manage a particular critical device and number of licensed devices is exceeding, you can unmanage less critical device(s) and manage the critically required device. We would recommend you to buy more device licenses to get uninterrupted performance. Select required device(s) or select all devices to unmanage. Click the Unmanage button. The selected device will be unmanaged.


Delete the devices from the list of devices. When the device(s) are deleted, all related information of the device(s) will be removed from the database. Select required device(s) or select all devices to delete. Click the Delete button. The selected device will be deleted.


You can select multiple devices and manage/unmanage/delete them.



If you want to monitor Firewall device in High Availability mode, ensure that Firewall Analyzer is bound to one source (that is a single IP Address/host name), then that source is considered as one device license.


Note: Each Virtual Firewall (vdom) monitored separately will be considered as one Firewall device for license purpose. If the Virtual Firewall is combinedly monitored with physical device as one Firewall device source and not as separate Virtual Firewall, then the physical device source will be considered as one Firewall device for license purpose. You can configure this option in the product.

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